Hitsss.com x LocalFest Jakarta Vol. 5.2




A series of creative talk-shows for young business-minded people

3-days event, 1-3 April 2016

(Hitsss.com in collaboration with LocalFest Jakarta Vol. 5.2)


Celebrating the young creative talents and entrepreneur superstars. Let’s learn how to combine creative passion with smart business thinking to achieve success in the digital age.


How Brands Can Work with Bloggers & Influencers

What makes them influential, and how do you become one? Learn how to grow and engage the audience, and how brands can work with creators. Join the discussion, with:

– Ayla Dimitri (Fashion Influencer, Content Creator)

– Marischka Prudence (Travel Blogger, Travel Influencer)


Travelling the World, Earn a Living

How to leverage social media to be a travel influencer? How to maintain a travel blog, and making enough income to fund our travels? Can we make a living and travel at the same time? Join the discussion, with:

– Alexander Thian (Traveller, Book Author, Story Teller)

– Barry Kusuma (Travel Photographer & Videographer)

– Ariev Rahman (Travel Blogger, Travel Influencer)


Day 1:

Friday, 1 April 2016

1.30-5.00 PM

Lotte Shopping Avenue (LG Floor, LocalFest Vol. 5.2 Area)


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